About CalDigit

At CalDigit, we believe in enhancing a customer’s experience with great products and an aftercare service that exceeds expectations.  For decades, we have been connecting people with our technological advancements from early USB 3.0 adoption all the way to Thunderbolt 3.  We have paved the way for people to connect and empower their workflows with products that continue to innovate.  Every product is made with you in mind and we design products that make your daily experiences that little bit better.


We believe that quality is the first key to creating an outstanding user experience.  Whether it is our designs or the technology inside them, we will never settle for second best.  A high build quality sets the foundations for an exceptional user experience for years to come.  Our key relationships with companies such as Apple and Intel allow us to create devices that are fully certified and tested for today’s latest and greatest technology.


 The legendary CalDigit customer experience does not just end after the point of purchase.  We are here to help every step of the way, from initial setup and beyond.  Our support team is dedicated to ensuring the best possible user experience for each of our customers and their CalDigit products.


 CalDigit is not just about innovation.  We are about the people that use our products and their lasting experiences.